Tech Talks: Digital Fitness | September 13

How to design a future-proof tech roadmap to fuel your gym’s growth and avoid traps along the way?

  • Date September 13
  • Time 11 am EDT
  • Guests Gareth Thomas Bacon, TBA

The perfect tech stack for a gym in 2022

Sign up for the webinar, see different approaches toward building a gym’s tech stack and learn pros and cons of using off-the-shelf vs. custom vs. hybrid solutions. Find out how to choose the right tech stack for a gym, how to design a future-proof tech roadmap, and how to avoid traps along the way.

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Off-the-shelf vs. custom gym management software. Or maybe hybrid?

Choosing the right tech stack for a gym is not an easy task. There is no single source of truth, software providers are not always honest about their products, and making a wrong choice often results in losing time, money, and gym members.

In the 7th episode of Neoteric’s Tech Talks, we will meet with people who have recently made that decision. They will share the challenges they faced and talk about different approaches to choosing a tech stack for a gym. We will try to find out when these approaches are applicable, how to design a future-proof tech roadmap for your gym, and how to avoid traps along the way.

Join and learn:

When should you go with an off-the-shelf GMS, when it’s time to build a custom one
How to streamline operations with a gym management system that is right for you
How to improve customer experience with gym member apps and features
How to plan a future-proof tech roadmap and avoid traps along the way

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Watch the webinar


Gareth Thomas Bacon​
Head of Product, Member Experience and Digital at Wellfit

Highly experienced senior leader in the fitness and sports industry with a 12-year career spanning the UK, US and Middle East in high-growth venture-backed organizations as well as established corporate companies.

Comfortable delivering in areas of high uncertainty and high-pressure. Strong team player and leader, having built high-performing teams from the ground up for the last decade. Passionate about his own career as much as about empowering others, helping his people think innovatively and perform aggressively with accountability.

In-depth experience managing aggressive timelines, fast-changing environments and challenging stakeholders. A proven performer across all major verticals including team development, strategy, commercial, operations, sales and marketing; and taking a concept from ideation, through construction and fit-out to operational role out.

Gareth Bacon
Becky Cerroni
President of Consumer Brands for GoSaga, CEO/Co-Founder of amp studio

Becky has 18+ years of executive-level experience, including managing global teams at the Wildlife Conservation Society, The Nature Conservancy, and UNESCO. She brought her extensive management, operations and strategy expertise to the fitness industry in 2013, when she licensed and opened two JoyRide Cycling studios in San Antonio, Texas. Becky took on the role of CEO for JoyRide nationally in 2018 and navigated the fitness company through the pandemic, launching a proprietary fitness app with Technogym as well as an at-home bike with Stages.

Becky is passionate about empowering emerging brands and the people who lead them. She is a strategic advisor to BFS, a business coach for fitness studios across the US, and a member of YPO Greenwich, BFS Masterminds. On the top of that, she’s on the advisory board for the University of Houston Bauer School of Business and the fitness tech company FitGrid.

Becky Cerroni GoSaga
Lukas Dojka
CEO and Founder of Xtreme Fitness Gyms

Entrepreneur, sports enthusiast. Founder of the Xtreme Fitness Gyms and originator of Poland’s first fitness club franchise model. Xtreme Fitness Gyms is one of the fastest-growing fitness networks in Poland, a market leader with over 50 fitness clubs.

Łukasz is a person who constantly promotes personal development, especially leadership. What makes him especially proud is that his organization has created nearly one thousand jobs and helped to transform the lives and health of other thousands.

Lukas Dojka, Xtreme Fitness Group


Darek Kociecki
Head of Growth, Neoteric

A triathlete and a tech evangelist fascinated by the way technology shapes our lives and helps companies make the change.

In his day-to-day work, he supports fitness businesses in navigating the complex tech landscape and bringing their ideas to life as digital products. Recently, a host of the Tech Talks webinars for the fitness industry.

Darek Kociecki Neoteric

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