Tech Talks: Digital Fitness | December 7, 12:00 PM EST

Exercise Intelligence. A webinar with Mikael Mattsson

  • Date December 7
  • Time 12 pm EST
  • Guest Mikael Mattsson

How to use data analytics in sports & fitness?

Watch the webinar recording and find out how data analytics supports athletes in their training and health recovery. Let be taken behind the scene of cognitive performance. Learn about major steps to start working with the power of data.

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Using data to provide truly individualized insights in the sports & fitness industry

In this episode of Tech Talks, we will meet C.Mikael Mattsson – CEO at SVEXA, an exercise intelligence company. We will focus on how data analytics supports athletes in their training routine, performance optimization, and decreases the risk of injuries.

Starting from strictly physiological cases for elite athletes, we’re moving to broader cognitive performance which principles can be easily applied also to corporate productivity. Watch and learn what it actually takes to start working with data.

Watch the webinar recording and learn:

How to use data analytics to support athletes in their training and health recovery
How to capture daily metrics to provide individualized insights
How personalization helps athletes maximize their physical performance
What are the major steps to start working with the power of data
Mikael Mattsson
CEO, Svexa

CEO of Svexa, PhD in Exercise Physiology at Karolinska Institutet, RISE & Stanford, with over 20 years experience of training elite athletes. Mikael has a special interest in individualization and optimization of training.

Mikael Mattson Svexa
Darek Kociecki
Head of Growth, Neoteric

A triathlete and a tech evangelist fascinated by the way technology shapes our lives and helps companies make the change.

In his day-to-day work, he supports fitness businesses in navigating the complex tech landscape and bringing their ideas to life as digital products. Recently, a host of the Tech Talks webinars for the fitness industry.

Darek Kociecki Neoteric

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