Tech Talks: Digital Fitness | May 5

How to boost online workout engagement with movement recognition?

  • Date May 5
  • Time 11 am EDT
  • Guests Pierangelo Raiola, Michelangelo Raiola, Tomasz Hencel, Kacper Bazylinski

How to use computer vision in fitness?

Sign up for the webinar and see how computer vision helps top fitness companies increase their customers’ engagement. Find out how AI bridges the gap between online and offline workouts and what it takes to start using it. Learn how instant feedback will help your customers achieve better results and boost their motivation.

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Computer vision to boost customer engagement

In the 6th episode of Neoteric’s Tech Talks, we will meet to continue the discussion about AI in fitness. This time, we will focus on computer vision – a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world, and then react to what they “see.”

Find out how fitness & sports companies can use AI-powered solutions to boost customer engagement, strengthen their motivation, and improve retention. Learn what it takes to adopt this technology. Listen to the experts talking about computer vision and ask your questions in the Q&A session.

Join the webinar and learn:

What’s so hot about these skeleton-like virtual models and what they have to do with the whole AI movement
How top fitness companies are using movement recognition to boost customer engagement
How instant feedback can boost your customers’ motivation and help them achieve better results
How to implement movement recognition in a fitness app

Watch the webinar recording now!

Watch the webinar


Pierangelo Raiola
CEO & Co-founder, XTRA

Pierangelo is a former pro-alpine skier who competed with many champions now battling for the world cup. After graduating from his MSc Degree at Yale School of Management, he moved to NYC where he worked for a M&A premium boutique focusing on the Health, Wellness and Fitness industry. That’s how he was able to experience first-hand the value of computer vision technology to boost user’s personalization and engagement.

Pierangelo Raiola, XTRA
Michelangelo Raiola
COO & Co-founder, XTRA

Michelangelo is a former alpine skier and amateur track and field competitor. After graduating from his MSc in Quantitative Finance at Bocconi University, he spent all his career working at a leading European Activist Hedge Fund based in London.

Michelangelo Raiola, XTRA
Tomasz Hencel
Tech Team Leader, Neoteric

Since 2019, Tomasz has been supporting fitness companies as a dev team lead and a tech consultant, advising on building web and mobile applications as well as implementing AI in the fitness industry.

Tomasz Hencel, Tech Team Leader, Neoteric
Kacper Bazyliński
Data Science Team Leader, Neoteric

A data scientist both by profession and passion – he’s an enthusiast of big data and deep learning. Having vast experience in recommender systems, anomaly detection, and computer vision, he is adapting these skills to fitness industry.

Kacper Bazyliński, Data Science Team Leader, Neoteric

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