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A webinar with Olivia Milne, Sales and Marketing Director of

AI-Powered Digital Fitness

Sign up for the webinar and see how artificial intelligence changes the landscape of fitness. Find out how operators can use AI-powered fitness solutions to automate their sales process, increase their revenue and improve customer retention. Learn what other benefits technology creates and what it takes to start using AI.

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AI-powered solutions increase revenue

Keepme is a next-generation sales and marketing tool for fitness operators that serves customers in 13 countries with proven results in sales, retention, and member engagement. It provides brick-and-mortar gyms and health clubs with a conceptually refreshing and intelligently driven approach to proven sales and retention.


Combining AI with the existing lead and member data, Keepme helps operators identify opportunities for sales conversion and retention. Having this information in its integrated automation and communication suite, it allows operators to engage with prospects and customers – significantly increasing revenue across the entire membership lifecycle.


In the 4th episode of Neoteric’s Tech Talks, we will meet Olivia Milne – APAC Sales and Marketing Director of Keepme. We will focus on different ways in which fitness and sports companies can benefit from using artificial intelligence – from personalization and intelligent recommendations to churn prevention solutions. Join our discussion and learn how to increase your gym’s revenue through AI-powered insights and tools.

Join the webinar and learn:

how artificial intelligence changes the landscape of the fitness industry
how personalization helps companies improve customer retention
how to provide your customers with personalized recommendations
how to increase your gym’s revenue through AI-powered insights and tools
Olivia Milne
APAC Sales and Marketing Director of

Olivia is the APAC Sales Director of Keepme, a business dedicated to increasing fitness operators’ revenue through AI-powered insights and tools.

With a background in Marketing, Olivia was working in Social for an award-winning Customer Engagement agency in London, before relocating to Singapore to become Head of Marketing at and to run the renowned White Collar Boxing Event Series across Asia.

Olivia joined Keepme in 2019 with the responsibility for the commercial offering in Asia Pacific.

Olivia Milne
Darek Kociecki
Head of Growth, Neoteric

A triathlete and a tech evangelist fascinated by the way technology shapes our lives and helps companies make the change.

In his day-to-day work, he supports fitness businesses in navigating the complex tech landscape and bringing their ideas to life as digital products. Recently, a host of the Tech Talks webinars for the fitness industry.

Darek Kociecki Neoteric

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