Neoteric AI Talks
Accelerating Growth With AI
Neoteric Amsterdam AI Talks

Download the materials and learn
  • How to accelerate growth using artificial intelligence
  • What to focus on when you implement an AI solutios
  • How to build a recommender system
  • How to reduce churn and drive business results using recommender systems
  • What the challenges of AI adoption or building recommender systems are
  • What the AI success stories of companies with a well-established data-driven culture are

Meet our Speakers

Kacper Bazyliński Photo

Kacper Bazyliński
Senior AI Engineer & Data Science Lead at Neoteric

A data scientist both by profession and passion – he’s an enthusiast of big data and deep learning,  specialized in recommender systems, anomaly detection, voice analytics, and image segmentation. He’s worked on numerous AI projects for both startups and enterprises within finance, marketing, and e-commerce. An avid chess player and a fan of science fiction who also loves hiking.

Amir Sabirović Photo

Amir Sabirović
InterWorks Digital Strategists

High-tech is the red thread that runs through his career DNA as he aims to know how things work on a deep technical level and understand the strategic impact of the solutions. The technological interest in combination with a passion for business and entrepreneurship led Amir to become the founding father of an Artificial Intelligence startup as part of the management consultancy firm.

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