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Neoteric AI Breakfast

Scaling Digital Products With Data


Download the materials and learn

  • How to leverage data to know and reach your target audience

  • How to reduce churn with recommender systems

  • What the things you need to build a recommendation engine are

  • What other challenges of AI adoption are

  • How to scale your digital product with data

Meet our Speakers

Erin Boelkens, Liveramp
Erin Boelkens
VP of Identity Engineering at LiveRamp

With over 10 years of identity resolution experience, she leads a team of creative and innovative engineers working to provide industry leading identity products that span both the online and offline channels.  
Greg Gwoźdź
CTO at Neoteric, Founder & Chief Everything Officer at SaaS Manager
Equipped with AI and cloud computing, he helps companies understand their customers better, reduce churn, and multiply Customer Lifetime Value. 10 years experience in the IT, portfolio built of Cloud, Big Data and AI for the Fortune 500 companies.
Marcin Skoczylas, PhD
Senior Project Manager at SoftwareHut

Image processing specialist and expert in machine learning technologies, Ph.D. in technical sciences. Senior Project Manager since 2011, with over 15 years of experience in IT.



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Thursday, 28 November 2019, 17:00

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