Free webinar – Replay

How to build successful
AI products?

  • Date Tuesday, 28th of May, 9AM ET
  • Guest Rudradeb Mitra

Author of the book Creating Value with Artificial Intelligence,
a mentor of Google Launchpad and a senior AI advisor of
ECMA banking group, built six startups in four countries

AI Sprint Ebook

47% of organizations have already implemented AI in at least one function in their business processes, according to McKinsey.

Download our ebook and learn:

  • What are the reasons for AI adoption?
  • What are the steps to complete before implementing AI?
  • How to implement AI in less than a month?

Rudradeb Mitra

Rudradeb Mitra started his career as an AI researcher in 2002 and worked with reaserch labs (like IBM Reaserch Lab, TZI), startups and banks (Winterthur, AXA) to build AI products.

After graduating from the University of Cambridge, he entered the startup world and built six tech startups (one with multi-million dollars in profits) in 4 countries.

Rudradeb photo

Margo Ovsiienko

Margo creates content that converts leads into paying customers for SaaS industry. She has been building sales funnels in various marketing agencies helping companies make the process of lead gen and sales more predictive.

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