Robotic Process Automation

Don’t kill creativity with mundane tasks.

Leave them to robots!

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How does it work?

Robotic Process Automation is the next level of business process automation. It allows to learn and reproduce actions needed to fulfill a given task by watching how a real person interacts with the software using GUI. Without the need to have any special API, just by analyzing what and where a person clicks and types on the screen.

RPA creates a wonderful possibility to take mundane tasks away from people, and allow them to focus on more creative and interesting work. RPA processes, since they are managed and executed in a virtualized environment, are easy to scale. It means that creating additional virtual workers and dividing work between them is a matter of seconds rather than the long time needed to hire and train new employees. RPA work is less prone to human errors. It is executed by machines, each time according to the programmed algorithm.

There is a variety of places where this technology can be used. If we approach a process in which we can find one or many of these:

  • a set of repetitive tasks that are based on rules
  • no dependency on unstructured, subjective human evaluation
  • many systems need to be handled
  • execution is time consuming
  • used data needs to be transformed or compared
  • based on old software, running in a specific environment, without any modern API allowing to connect to it

That is the place where RPA shines. Accounting, ordering and selling goods, resourcing, real estate managing – these are only a few examples that have procedures connected to them. And if there is a clear procedure of doing something, then RPA can be easily introduced to handle that process.

Benefits of using Robotic Process Automation


Scalable software is more adaptable to changing needs and requirements of its users, resulting in increased productivity. With RPA, you can accept a higher request volume without affecting the performance.


Operations carried out by the algorithm, which does not get tired or distracted, eliminate human-related errors.

Process Automation

Customized RPA solutions can speed up various processes, including purchasing, logistics or financing, by taking the workload over.

Workforce reallocation

RPA eliminates the need of performing monotonous tasks by humans, leaving the tiresome work to robots. When it’s covered by algorithms, your employees can focus on duties that require a human touch.

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