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MSc in technical physics with a major in applied computer science. Data scientist, Neoteric's AI team expert specialized in Python, machine learning, deep learning, and recommender systems.

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    How to increase revenue with predictive analytics
    15 Aug 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    5 sales and marketing use cases to maximize ROI Predictive analytics is a powerful tool enhancing the work of staff across various departments, especially sales and marketing. Predictive analytics unlocks the potential of the data organizations collect - without a way to analyze data and derive insights from it, it’s useless. But with PA, you [...]

    How to boost sales with a recommender system
    25 Jul 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    Do you enjoy the movies that Netflix recommends to you? How often do you buy the products from the “others also bought” section? Countless businesses now use recommendation engines to improve customer experience and increase revenue. The cool thing about recommendations is that they’re awesome both for you as a business and you as a [...]

    10 use cases of AI in manufacturing
    27 Jun 2019 in Artificial intelligence

    The Manufacturer’s Annual Manufacturing Report 2018 found that 92% of senior manufacturing executives believe that “Smart Factory” digital technologies, including AI, will enable them to increase their productivity and empower staff to work smarter. However, there is a significant gap between ambition and execution: Forrester says that 58% of business and technology professionals are researching [...]