Vue.JS Development Experts

A lightweight, progressive, and incrementally-adoptable open-source
framework for web application UI
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How does it work?

Designed by Evan You, a former Google developer, Vue.js is a very new technology with a quickly growing community. It is appropriate for both small and big web applications as it is easily extendable thanks to its architecture and external Vue libraries.

One of the greatest features of Vue is the single file components: this approach consists of  HTML, JS, and CSS in one file separated by directives. It helps keep code and project structure clear as only one file is needed for a single component. Vue.js uses Angular-type-of directives which help to keep code clean. It is also lightweight, and as fast as React.js.

Main advantages of Vue.js


Vue is light and convenient at just 20KB, packed with extensions. Single file components and documentation make it easy to get started.

User friendly

Vue provides custom-designed supporting libraries, such as Vuex helpful in communication in big projects and Router, allowing building single page applications that work smoothly.

Project structure

Conventions from the official style-guide help with structuring the project.

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