Neoteric AI Talks
Growing Revenue with AI

Download the materials and learn
  • How to grow revenue with AI
  • What recommender systems are
  • How to build a recommender system
  • How to reduce churn with a recommender system
  • What the challenges of AI adoption or building recommender systems are

Meet our Speakers

David Karapetyan, Zalando

David Karapetyan
Data Science Lead at Zalando

Machine learning scientist and applied mathematician with five years industry experience in machine learning and algorithms, and two years managerial experience overseeing teams of data scientists. Currently, David works as the tech lead for Zalando within Demand Planning and Analytics.

Greg Gwoźdź
CTO at Neoteric, Founder & Chief Everything Officer at SaaS Manager

Equipped with AI and cloud computing, he helps companies understand their customers better, reduce churn, and multiply Customer Lifetime Value. 10 years experience in the IT, portfolio built of Cloud, Big Data and AI for the Fortune 500 companies.

Ingmar Stupp
CPO & Managing Director at Finiata


Mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur ate working in automotive with BMW and Bosch. After building an online snack retailer in Russia, Ingmar stepped into financial services in 2016, co-founding Finiata, an SME lender, raising 30m€ in venture capital and scaling a credit product across two markets.

Elena Poughia
MD at Dataconomy & Data Natives


Elena is a creative and practical purpose-driven professional, with an entrepreneurial mindset and a demonstrated experience of working in art, tech, and business. She is particularly committed to supporting women and marginalized communities by helping them become established in tech professions.

Andrea Licata
CEO at talenteco


Dr. Andrea Licata is an expert in sustainability and green economy. After a few years of collaboration with important universities and research centers in Europe, he founded talenteco – a Berlin-based company that is actively involved in smart-green innovation.

Nir Soffer
Product Manager at Advertima


Nir is a Product Manager at Advertima; his career in technology spans nearly a quarter of a century in roles ranging from IT in small organizations to leadership roles in Fortune 500 Corporations. Today he resides in Berlin and works at Advertima, helping leverage advanced AI to make sense of the physical world.

Andreas Schindles
CEO at Deep Neuron Lab


Legal and finance background with 9 years of experience in the insurance industry, lastly with the German Insurance Association. Co-founder of the non-profit organization nepia e.V. and founder and CEO of Deep Neuron Lab, an ML-agency specialized in document processing within the financial industry.


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