Rappid.js Development

A powerful and modern toolkit for building visual tools
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How does it work?

Rappid is a diagramming JS framework, which provides you with the right tools to build outstanding visual tools.

Intuitive interface modules created with Rappid allow users to design workflows, charts or other visualizations interactively or graphically. This way, users themselves can manage the data how they want in a simple way. Rappid can be applied to create charts and visualizations such as:

  • organizational charts
  • business process
  • modeling notation
  • flowcharts
  • decision trees
  • real-time data diagrams
  • trading charts
Thanks to its visual form, the data presented that way is far more appealing than a traditional spreadsheet!

See what can be built with Rappid!

Main advantages

Time saving

Being a JointJS extension, Rappid has a set of components speeding up the diagramming apps development significantly.


It allows you to build visual tools in days, not in months.

User friendly

Versatile plug-in set expands Rappid’s functionality.


The toolkit is compatible with JS application frameworks and supports mobile browsers.


Rappid is all about customizing; enables the creation of own shapes, properties, as well as running the custom code.


The toolkit is flexible and responds to users’ actual needs.

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