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Predictive analytics for business

How to use recommender systems, dynamic pricing,
and churn prediction to drive business results

How to use predictive analytics?

Executives have placed predictive analytics at the top of the executive agenda since 2012, according to Accenture. It’s not without a reason – predictive analytics proves to be a great augmentation to human work across various departments.

Predictive Analytics for Business is an ebook that aims to help executives and managers gain a more thorough understanding of AI technologies – recommender systems, dynamic pricing, and churn prediction – and learn how to approach data science projects more strategically.

In this ebook, our AI experts discuss the common use cases of predictive analytics, the importance of data strategy, and steps to follow to allow for a more seamless AI adoption.

You'll find answers to these questions:

Why should every data science project start with business, not tech?
What is the role of people in AI?
How can you use data to make your company flourish?
What is data quality and why does it matter?
How to create a good data strategy?
What problems may occur while adopting AI?