Server-less, microservices, containers, cloud Automation and orchestration come together with APIs to bring a simple solution to your everyday challenge gaining customers and growing revenue.


First steps of a successful platform

LunchBadger is a multi-cloud platform allowing users to compose, manage and optimize microservices, providing them with real-time actionable insights all at the same time.

  1. Defining requirements
  2. Choosing the right technology to work with
  3. Limited time and tight budget
  1. Using React instead of the SVG library
  2. Collaboration with the Client’s team
  1. A successful prototype
  2. Client received funds for further development of the product

Want to learn more about how Lunchbadger was created? Read the case study on our blog!

Weeks of development:


Raised funds:

Technologies used

What our customers says

Neoteric put a lot of thought into the product, resulting in a successful prototype. Aside from having reasonable rates, Neoteric impressively balanced efficiency and quality in their services. They completed everything to the full expectation of requirements

Al Tsung, Lunch Bager      LunchBadgersrc:

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