Language Learning App

Learning a language can be easier and more fun if you’re using an application. The problem with many of the available apps is that they’re not down to earth. The application we were developing solved this problem giving the users an opportunity to learn using real-world situations.

Language Learning App

Learning a language through immersing yourself in everyday situations

The application’s main goal is to make language learning easy and accessible to everyone. Special learning plans prepared by linguists are based on real-life, everyday situations that help learners immerse themselves in real language and make sure that they learn effectively, being encouraged to start speaking on day 1.

The application consists of two parts: for the teacher (admin panel) and for the learner. The drag’n’drop interface in the admin panel helped the teachers design lessons in an easy, intuitive way. The other part of the application was designed for the learners: they could take the lessons previously designed by the admins and complete them gaining experience points.

  1. Combining two parts of the application into one, consistent platform available to the teachers and learners
  2. Using speech recognition in lessons for the learners
  1. Building an intuitive interface helping teachers easily design lessons, and a student portal allowing to complete lessons and gain XP
  2. Rewriting the speech recognition code in a simpler way
  1. An application accessible to both teachers and learners of various languages, allowing to create and complete lessons without much effort and learn new languages



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What our developers say

Working on this language learning tool was pure pleasure and an opportunity to learn new things. The product was interesting, communication was great and I hope to work in similar projects in the future.

Jakub Wasak, NeotericNeoteric logo

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