Cloud-based Customer Intelligence solution connecting data and allowing delivery of tailor-made offers through desired channels. Supports multiple channels, business and tech ecosystems, gathering operational, product and customer data.


Reimagining customer experience

Boxever is a Customer Intelligence solution that connects data across your business, letting you personalize the offers and deliver them on every channel, across the whole customer journey, changing the way you communicate with customers.

  • Combining various modules in an already existing, extensive project in one, consistent system
  • Superstructuring new functions to those already existing
  • Operating 3 frameworks, integrated to ensure the correct communication
  • Building a fully-functional solution according to the customer’s request

Weeks of development:


Technologies used

What our Team says

This project was quite a challenge for us as it was the first time we integrated RappidJS with multiple frameworks. The Client was demanding but also very supportive – there was a whole team on their side, always willing to answer our questions. The cooperation with Boxever team was very smooth.

Bartosz Wojciechowski, NeotericNeoteric logo

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