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In order to deliver value to your customers and stand out from the competitors, you need to provide expertise in many different areas, covering various industries, technologies, and sharing experience on different markets. You can work on that expertise… or you can partner with us.

Access to top AI developers and software engineers

Cooperate with one of the best software development agencies in Poland and help your clients achieve their business goals.

No commission required to join

Joining our partner network is free of charge. Instead, we will agree on a Success Fee from our collaborative businesses.

Clear communication and a dedicated account manager

You get an account manager who will help you understand what we do and how we can add value to your business.

Partnership model of your choice

We support our clients in four main areas and that’s also where we can support your clients best.


We offer different power sessions according to clients’ needs and their business maturity levels. We can help your clients by running:

  • Neoteric Design Sprint to validate business idea in 5 days,
  • Discovery Session to analyze the backlog, prioritize features and plan the development,
  • Scoping Session to help them bring their products to life faster and cost-effectively,
  • AI Sprint to verify the hypothesis of using Artificial Intelligence to solve different business cases.
sprint session workshop - business partnership
Product Design

With a team of experienced UI and UX designers, we can translate your clients’ ideas into clickable prototypes that can be tested with users.

Basing on the collected feedback, we are able to make improvements at the early stage of the project, minimizing the risk of reworks during the development and increasing the chances of product’s success.

ui design ux design business partnership
Web app Development

A backend team, a frontend team, QA engineers, testers, supported by scrum masters. Whether your clients are just beginning a prototype or an MVP, or developing an existing product, we will help them do it as efficiently as possible. Our engineers will provide them with recommendations of the technologies that will best contribute to their product’s success and deliver software products of the highest quality.

development business partnership
AI Development

From discovering the potential for Artificial Intelligence in your clients’ organizations, identifying the most promising use cases, building the base for their data strategy, testing and assessing the solutions, to custom AI development. We’ve been named top AI development company three years in a row and we’ll be happy to use our expertise to support your clients.

AI development business partnership

Proces. 4 steps to become Neoteric’s partner:

You reach out to our Partnerships Team

Fill out our contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you promptly to discuss the next steps.

We agree on the cooperation model

Once we get in touch, we will discuss the way we would like to work together: how we can handle potential customers, the financial model, when do we start, etc.

We sign an agreement

Let’s make it official! After signing the agreement, you will get a dedicated account manager who will help you understand what we do and how we can add value to your business.

We start the first project and you get your first success fee

Your clients, in the meantime, get the products that meet their expectations and support their business goals.

We’re business partners with:
It has been a pleasure working with the Neoteric team. If you face a challenge in AI , Web development and ML, Neoteric is the right place and company for you. With the hard work, dedication, commitment and full transparency of the Neoteric team, your company business is in good hand and we get the job done promptly for you and within your budget. We can solve any issues you might have and optimize your business performance. Join Neoteric and learn more about our solution!
Ihab Tabbara - Noeteric business partnership
Ihab Tabbara

Goldblum Consulting is a strategic A.I. management company and helps customers to envision, plan and execute A.I. projects. In this setup, Neoteric is a trusted outsourcing partner, helping companies to turn their ideas into products. We enjoy working with Neoteric, because their highly motivated team is willing to go the extra mile and is willing to fit into the customers working processes. With their experienced and innovative staff, it is a pleasure to see our customers' ideas become real products.
Ansgar Bitterman - Novedas, Goldblum - Neoteric business partnership

Ansgar Bittermann, Goldblum Consulting, Germany

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