Node.js development

With Node.js, developers can publish and deploy new code constantly, without any delays in delivery. Meet the technology used by Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, Trello, PayPal, and NASA!

Why Node.js?

Node.js  uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model which makes it lightweight and efficient. The non-blocking I/O model is perfect for data-intensive real-time applications. Node empowers real-time web apps by implementing server-side push notifications and utilizing the WebSocket protocol to provide bi-directional communication between the client and the server.

Thanks to the use of JavaScript on both backend and frontend, you can also use the same libraries of both. Node has on of the biggest collections of open-source libraries.  Node.js allows more convenient data exchange between the client and the server. It serves all the needs of the development process and provides the efficiency and scalability any app can use.

Node continues to grow in popularity and become the preferred technology for many enterprises. Said to be a perfect solution for Single-Page Applications, it’s a top pick for scalable and real-time applications. A number of big companies decided to use it: Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, Trello, PayPal, and even NASA (among others) are already enjoying its benefits.

Our Node.js development team have developed numerous products, including a language learning application, a portfolio management platform, and UK’s most visited student job platform. With their vast knowledge and experience in Node.js development, they are able to help you fully utilize this popular technology.

We used Node.js in:

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Main advantages of Node.js


    Node's non-blocking I/O allows the processing of multiple requests all at the same time. This system makes it easier to achieve better performance and higher scalability.

Fast to develop

    Node.js utilizes JavaScript both on the frontend and backend. This enables more smooth communication between the client- and the server-side and speeds up the development process.


    Node.js doesn't impose rules on how to develop software. It's a good fit for a whole variety of different applications and it leaves you space to develop your product your own way.


Fast to develop