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Complex and interactive diagrams brought to you in an open source library
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How does it work?​

JointJS provides numerous ready-to-use components related to creating diagrams which make creating diagrams faster and easier.

JointJS mostly operates on SVG elements, thanks to that performance of the app is better, every cell is customizable and highly interactive. Under the hood, it’s backbone so it provides model, view, and controller for every element, so the code is more readable as it separates code by purpose. This kind of tool is useful for representing some kind idea in a visual form, it can be an org chart, a state diagram, BPMN or any other visual diagram.

We used JointJS in:​


TrueNorth Technology

Troika Connect

Main advantages of JointJS

Time saving

JointJS allows creating multiple views on a single model, including model reuse and it doesn’t require designing diagrams from scratch. Combined, it saves up to 30% of the development time.

User friendly

JointJS is easy to plug into backend applications. It facilitates creating complex and fully interactive graphs for modern browsers.


JointJS provides a basic diagram with ready-to-use elements and a possibility to write new plugins. Also, every custom event may be assigned to every element.

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