Online workshop

How we managed remote software development projects that got $16M funding


With Karina Człapińska

Working remotely, Karina from Neoteric managed a team of developers working on projects such as RapidSOS that partnered with Uber and got $16M funding, as well as Lunchbadger that got $3.13M funding.
During the workshop, she is sharing her experience in making these projects happen remotely.

During the workshop you will learn

Best remote work tools to boost your team efficiency

How to establish smooth communication in a remote space

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Team bonding activities: how to do team building remotely

Should you choose outsourcing or build your tech team in-house?

Karina Człapińska

Neoteric’s Agile Delivery Lead responsible for the full delivery process to ensure the success of each product; an enthusiast of Agile. She loves working with people and puts her heart into every project. At Neoteric, Karina managed tech teams developing projects such as FleetManager, AppOrchid , RRO, Appmixer, Ticket Portal, Arvata, Liveramp FR, Liveramp US, and UNL Venture Rock.

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