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Driving Digital Transformation Through AI

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With Jay Natarajan

AI Lead (US) in Microsoft, Principal Data Engineer

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Jay will share her expertise in introducing artificial intelligence into a company’s innovation strategy. As AI lead in Microsoft, Jay has worked on translating next-gen business problems into simplified applications through AI technologies such as Bots, Text Analytics, big data, and deep learning. She has a keen interest to disrupt industries with the future of AI aligning with human interests safely.   

If you want to introduce AI into your company’s innovation strategy to boost profitability and optimize processes,  join us! 

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During the webinar you will
learn about...

ai innovation

What business problems can you solve with AI

ai chatbors innovation

Elements and the approach required to make AI work

ai innovation

5 steps from AI adoption to increased revenue

AI case studies across industries

Jay Natarajan

Jay Natarajan is a Principal Data Engineer within Azure Engineering organization at Microsoft. Jay’s passion is to engage with brands to evolve and advance their business in a rapidly changing environment and apply Data & AI for current problems and identify future trends to navigate their digital transformation with Microsoft’s cloud solution.

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Margo Ovsiienko

Margo creates content that converts leads into paying customers for SaaS industry. She has been building sales funnels in various marketing agencies helping companies make the process of lead gen and sales more predictive.

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