What is the difference between UI and UX?

UI and UX are widely discussed but still somewhat confused. There is a plethora of materials, an overwhelming number of meetings taking on the topic of UI/UX, but just because of that slash right there, many assume that both of these terms are the same and can be used interchangeably. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. [...]

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06 Sep 2018 in  Business  &  Technical
Robotic Process Automation – robots elevating business to a new level

Who owns the robots owns the world, as Richard Freeman, a professor of economics, stated in his article published in the Harvard Magazine. However, there are robots and there is RPA. While Robotic Process Automation doesn’t mean building an actual bot – it’s a process, engaging the machine in mimicking human behavior - robotic solutions [...]

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16 Aug 2018 in  Business  &  Technical
What is the difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Are computers smarter than us? Are we actually teaching machines to be masterminds? Will artificial intelligence put an end to humanity as we know it? There’s so much drama in each of these questions, yet these are the topics that are widely talked about nowadays. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are so popular that they’ve [...]

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19 Jul 2018 in  Business  &  Technical
Why test? The importance of software quality assurance

Testing is boring. It's just about clicking around and it doesn't bring any real value. It only makes projects longer and raises the development cost. Quality assurance for sure isn't a hot topic. So why do we still need testers? Can't developers just double check their work? Just kidding. Quality assurance is quite underrated. Though [...]

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05 Jul 2018 in  Business  &  Technical
Rappid for UI and more in building diagrams

If you are using JointJS and you need a user interface for building diagrams, Rappid is the answer to your needs. It provides almost every feature that you would need, like tooltip, toolbar, select box, halo (UI for creating links and cell manipulation), some algorithms for layout and pathfinding etc. They make all JointJS-based applications more [...]

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14 Jun 2018 in  Technical
How to deliver IT projects successfully?

It seems to be quite a challenge to deliver IT projects on time, doesn't it? We always work until the last minute. Things break at the most unexpected moment. Sounds like something you already know? Fortunately, completing a project smoothly is much easier than you can imagine. One essential condition is that before the project [...]

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26 Apr 2018 in  Business  &  Technical
Automate your work with Gitlab CI/CD tool!

When creating applications that are becoming ever larger and which more people are working in, we are exposed to making more and more mistakes by manually executing some stages. To speed up the work and to avoid unexpected errors in the application, you can automate some things. That's why a few days ago I decided [...]

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19 Apr 2018 in  Technical
Building your first simple app with Firebase

Firebase is a complex platform for web and mobile development. The initial success grabbed everybody’s attention and led to the acquirement by Google in 2014. The growing popularity of this tool makes Firebase one of the leaders in the industry. Is this success justified? Let’s see! Services Firebase provides plenty of services that can be [...]

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04 Apr 2018 in  Technical
What time is it? Challenges of multiple time zone support

What time is it? It’s a simple question, isn’t it? You just need to take a quick look at the clock (or any device that shows you the time) and you have the answer. Or do you? Let’s take a quick look at this picture. Let’s also assume that it’s currently dark outside and try to answer our [...]

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29 Mar 2018 in  Technical
Make programming easier! Introducing Lombok to your Java code

Every year, we can hear about new tools that improve programming. They make the code shorter, more readable and easier to maintain. Today, I’m going to describe Project Lombok, which is a Java library mainly used for replacing traditional getters, setters and other instances of boilerplate code with single annotations. To start using Lombok, we [...]

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15 Mar 2018 in  Technical