Want To Develop? Share Your Knowledge!

Being a programmer forces you to grow continuously. People learn something new every day in many different ways: from articles, books, videos, courses, etc. Yet, there is one more great option to get knowledge. As you may guess by the title of this article - it’s through teaching others. Over the time of being an instructor [...]

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19 May 2016 in  People
6 Things a Mortal Should Know When Stepping Into the IT World

At some point of development, even IT companies may need some mortals. They take care of the office stuff, sell the products, take care of public relations – they broker between the programmers (and other immortals) and the rest of the world. When I first came to work in this weird world, I was scared to death. Or [...]

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11 Feb 2016 in  People
Gdańsk Business Week 2015

I have first heard about Washington Business Week a few years ago and loved the idea from the first sight. It’s a weeklong entrepreneurship and creativity workshop for high school students that emerged from Seattle, USA. I truly believe that our future will be as good as our youth’s education – that’s why this year [...]

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21 Aug 2015 in  People