Building the culture of freedom and responsibility

What lets companies win on the market is a competitive advantage. The fact that in some aspect, some perspective, some segment, some niche, they can deliver better products or services than anyone else.  As the world has started to change at an exponential pace, the source of this advantage has changed.  With hyper-competition, almost unlimited [...]

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11 Apr 2019 in  Business  &  People
Beyond programming – International Women’s Day in IT

There were times in the past when computer programming was women’s work. A 1967 issue of Cosmopolitan features an article “The computer girls” and recalls an era where women in the industry were dominant. The jobs were feminized as their importance was considered to be low and requiring fewer skills. Once computers became irreplaceable in [...]

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07 Mar 2019 in  People
How good design can determine your product’s success

The EFEKT Agency is a sister company of Neoteric, our special task unit responsible for UX/UI design. EFEKT supports us during the digital products building process. The product design process at Neoteric includes discovery workshops. Our workshops are a step towards understanding the client's vision and goal. What does the design process look like? What [...]

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21 Feb 2019 in  Business  &  People Names Neoteric a 2018 Global Leader!

We are excited to announce our recent recognition by as a leading developer worldwide for 2018! With this announcement, we’ve joined an established group of companies who go above and beyond for their clients and demonstrate excellence in the software development space. is a rapidly growing startup based in Washington, D.C. As a [...]

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06 Dec 2018 in  People
How to be more productive

Being productive has always been appreciated, but the productivity hype now is just amazing. There are numerous techniques and tricks that are allegedly going to make your life easier by showing you how to be more productive. And there’s even a separate advice segment aimed at developers. They should be even better at that. Though [...]

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27 Sep 2018 in  People
Are there job opportunities for non-technical people in the IT?

Landing a job in the IT has now become a dream of many. Everywhere you go, you can hear people talking about how they want to be programmers, or just being jealous that programmers are so "well-off". And because the myths surrounding working in the IT industry are spreading around, it’s now common knowledge that [...]

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09 Aug 2018 in  People
Why do self-organizing teams work best?

Does every team always need a leader? Can a self-organizing team be successful? It’s a common truth that there’s no way a project can succeed if nobody’s in charge. It’s just a natural way of how people work: they get tasks, they’re supervised in the process, and then their work is reviewed. Work has been [...]

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12 Jul 2018 in  Business  &  People
DevOps: a culture of getting things done

DevOps is one of the most popular buzzwords in the tech industry and for a good reason. Some consider it to be the root of all evil, while others praise it as a silver bullet. I like to call it “technical agile”. It’s simply a culture where we all put emphasis on getting features to [...]

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28 Jun 2018 in  Business  &  People
How to work with Millennials? 8 tips to understand generation Y

Recently, our CEO published an article about working with Millennials. It was entitled ‘’Millennials are awesome’’ (read the interview in Polish here). The title gives it away: Matt loves Millennials and understands how to work with them. This should not come as a shocker, after all, Millennials constitute quite a large share of employees in [...]

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21 Jun 2018 in  People
Is no office good for your team? Pros and cons of remote work

Are you one of the people who ‘’go to work’’? Most people probably are, as having an office where all of your staff can do their tasks is still a prevalent practice in companies. Despite the fact that ‘’work’’ is for many associated with the action of going to work, some say that work doesn’t really [...]

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07 Jun 2018 in  People