How we reduced churn in a telecom company by 20% in less than 6 months using predictive models – case study

When we met this telecom company in August 2018, they were dealing with high churn rate, falling ARPU and problems with predicting best buys for their clients. Our first mission was to reduce churn by predicting which customers are more likely to resign from the offered services. To do that, we first needed to deeply [...]

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06 Feb 2019 in  Case studies
RapidSOS – Case Study

Developing a project requires a lot of creativity and imagination. In order to fulfill all the requirements and make the users happy, you have to understand their problems and their expectations. Then, you need to find ways around some problems to make everything work smoothly. Seeing the results of your efforts is always a great [...]

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28 Nov 2018 in  Case studies
Skillhunt – Case Study

Background Hiring the best developers is one of the major struggles in the IT industry. The difficulty itself doesn’t mean there are not enough programmers; the problem is, many of them do not wish to speak to recruiters and HR managers ever again. Once they land a suitable job, they do not check available job [...]

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21 Sep 2018 in  Case studies
LunchBadger – Case Study

When setting up a new startup, you have to focus on having the best product you can get - not only does it have to appeal to prospective consumers, but also convince investors that it’s worth to invest money in. Therefore, it is crucial that you define all the requirements just right and then develop [...]

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18 Sep 2018 in  Case studies
SaaS Manager – Case Study

Some tools are developed as a solution to a certain issue and even after updates, revamping, and some necessary adjustments they consequently provide the same solution as elaborated in the first place. And then there is SaaS Manager – the opus magnum of Neoteric, one of our startup “children”.  SaaS Manager saw the daylight in [...]

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17 Jul 2018 in  Case studies – Case Study

The story behind’s development goes back to 2016 when we encountered issues with easy, one-step appointment scheduling and identified the problem. Back then, meeting scheduling looked way different than it does today. The market suffered from the scarcity of all-in-one, useful, and easy to navigate solutions that could save time and hassle when planning [...]

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26 Jun 2018 in  Case studies