The best customer experience you can get during the acquisition process

If you ask someone from the IT world how to choose the best Software House, and what the main virtues of such a company could be, you will get at least a dozen of answers where most of them will probably be correct. Just taking a wild stab in the dark - price, location, the [...]

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08 Feb 2018 in  Business
How to prepare yourself for software estimation?

Estimating the cost and effort needed to build your software depends directly on the quality of information that you can provide. Before you request an estimate, you should think about how the software should work, how it should interact with users, how it should generate value for you and your customers, and some specific things [...]

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11 Jan 2018 in  Business
6 ways AI will impact sales in 2018

Imagine you want to buy a new pen in 1930. You used to buy pens in the shop next to the post office but you’ve heard that there is a new one near the church. You go there and... you find out that this exact day they closed earlier. You come back the next day, [...]

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04 Jan 2018 in  Business
29 Tools to validate your idea before building MVP

In my last article, I was explaining why it is important to validate startup ideas before you start the development of your product, and how to do it. This time, I'd like to share some tools and use cases that will help you go through this process. As validation is not a one-time task but [...]

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12 Dec 2017 in  Business
How to validate your startup idea?

What is validation and why is it necessary? The ultimate validation is when you can do business with your product or service. That means that you can create a company that is sustainable, that brings profit, and achieve your bigger goals. In order to do that, you need to put your product or service on [...]

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16 Nov 2017 in  Business
How to communicate with an outsourced team effectively?

Communication issues are one of the most common fears of entrepreneurs who want to contract-out a part of their activity.  No wonder! Lack of knowledge on how to communicate with an outsourced team can literally ruin the project, being a thread of many of its phases: from getting the brief, through collecting requirements and planning, the development, [...]

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25 Oct 2017 in  Business
13 questions to ask your potential software outsourcing provider

It’s time to talk! If you've decided to outsource your software development, you’ve found some companies that you're considering to work with, and you are on the horns of a dilemma of making the right choice, there is no better thing to do than talking to them. In this article, I’d like to present you [...]

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24 Aug 2017 in  Business
Do not start making your app with an MVP!

I often get questions about product development. Entrepreneurs ask me what an MVP is, how to get to it, or how to find their product market fit. They want to know what  some good practices are, what mistakes they can avoid, and what they should focus on at each stage of the development. Recently, we’ve asked [...]

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10 Aug 2017 in  Business
How to Find the Best IT Outsourcing Company in Central and Eastern Europe

A few months ago, I wrote an article explaining why Poland is believed to be one of the best places to outsource software development. Still believing that Poland is a top one, I want to add another piece to the puzzle and take a short walk in the neighborhood. Pathway: Why CEE? Where to search? [...]

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27 Jul 2017 in  Business
Things to know before you make an app – 10 successful Polish startups share their advice

Each stage of software development has its own challenges. When you have an idea and want to make an app (which is clearly bigger than some ordinary app), you are wondering how to make it real. You check different options of founding it, you struggle to find a team to work on it, you discover that advertising [...]

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19 Jul 2017 in  Business