How to Find the Best IT Outsourcing Company in Central and Eastern Europe

A few months ago, I wrote an article explaining why Poland is believed to be one of the best places to outsource software development. Still believing that Poland is a top one, I want to add another piece to the puzzle and take a short walk in the neighborhood. Pathway: Why CEE? Where to search? [...]

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27 Jul 2017 in  Business
Things to know before you make an app – 10 successful Polish startups share their advice

Each stage of software development has its own challenges. When you have an idea and want to make an app (which is clearly bigger than some ordinary app), you are wondering how to make it real. You check different options of founding it, you struggle to find a team to work on it, you discover that advertising [...]

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19 Jul 2017 in  Business
More agile than the Agile. The rise of hybrid methodologies

New methodologies have always been developed to challenge traditional models. The Agile Manifesto, for instance, was developed as a form of opposition to rigid regulations and rules. Those who fancy agile methods of project management (like Scrum) fight against those who cannot imagine a project without traditional project management methods like the Waterfall. But the [...]

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06 Jul 2017 in  Business
7 questions to see if you’ve outsourced software development to the right team

When getting on a project with an outsourced software development company, it’s important to know that your team is committed, well-qualified to do their job, and of course - ready to move quickly and get the job done. In theory, it seems obvious; in practice - it’s not that easy to make the right choice, especially [...]

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20 Apr 2017 in  Business
How can you refactor a monolithic application into microservices?

Why should you switch to microservices? According to the NGINX App Development Survey, 68% of organizations were using or investigating microservices in 2015. In only 2 years, this number grew to 80% (LeanIX Microservices Survey 2017). Moreover, over 70% of these companies plan to intensify the usage of microservices by the end of 2017.   [...]

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30 Mar 2017 in  Business  &  Technical
Price estimate for web and mobile applications

Asking for a price estimate   When you decide to outsource the development of your application, it is important to find a company which is not just a team of coders but a reliable partner. That’s why you look for a company with a good reputation, a number of successful projects, good references and - most importantly - the one [...]

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21 Mar 2017 in  Business
Things to Realize Before Growing an In-House Team of Developers

Pros, cons and alternative solutions Having a great idea for an app? 🗹 Done. Having it all thought through, preparing the business plan, setting measurable goals? 🗹 Done. Finding people to work in your startup and make your product done? 𝥷 If you are thinking about growing your in-house team, there are a few things [...]

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23 Feb 2017 in  Business
How to make software: to outsource or not to outsource?

When you start to think how to make software, you quickly discover that there is much more to do than writing a code. Once you have the idea, know the problem that it solves, plan the core features of your app and remove all the non-core features for the sake of making an MVP, you need [...]

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24 Nov 2016 in  Business
Speak Gherkin And Learn How To Collect Requirements For Your Project

Collecting requirements for a project is a complicated process. If you don’t do it right, you can waste both money and time. Customers who start working with software development company often have problems with specifying their needs. To avoid communication failure when getting on a project - no matter if you are a customer or a contractor - learn how [...]

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20 Oct 2016 in  Business
Why Poland is one of the best places to outsource your software development

Eastern Europe provides five of the top 20 countries listed in AT Kearney's 2016 Global Services Location Index and it’s becoming one of the most attractive destinations for companies that want to outsource their software development. Poland, ranked at 10th position, is the top one of these countries. It is also the only European country [...]

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25 Aug 2016 in  Business