5 medical challenges that can be solved with AI in healthcare

Artificial intelligence has proven to be successful in a variety of industries and still sparks excitement among businesses. Even though there are numerous examples of AI bringing benefits to many sectors, it seems like it’s still feared in healthcare. On one hand, there’s fear of machine error and data privacy concerns, on the other - [...]

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28 Feb 2019 in  Business
How good design can determine your product’s success

The EFEKT Agency is a sister company of Neoteric, our special task unit responsible for UX/UI design. EFEKT supports us during the digital products building process. The product design process at Neoteric includes discovery workshops. Our workshops are a step towards understanding the client's vision and goal. What does the design process look like? What [...]

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21 Feb 2019 in  Business  &  People
Tinder algorithms: how the matchmaking happens

Do you know Tinder? The name should ring a bell. After all, it’s one of the most popular apps with more than 300 million downloads and millions of users worldwide. Even though some say it’s simply an app that makes meeting people easier, let’s be honest: it’s a dating app. The legends of people meeting [...]

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14 Feb 2019 in  Business
5 things you need to do before you start software development

You have an idea and want it to become an application. At first glance, it might look like there is nothing in between the idea and the code that brings it to life. Before you start the actual development part, we strongly convince you to make sure you remembered about the steps you can take [...]

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31 Jan 2019 in  Business
Artificial intelligence in review: when AI fails

Artificial intelligence is getting better and it helps businesses get to a whole new level. In the past few months, I’ve written a few articles about the advantages of AI in customer service, e-commerce, and human resources. It’s not all that wonderful, though. Today, we’ll look at the dark side of artificial intelligence. Here come [...]

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24 Jan 2019 in  Business
Playing Lean – a board game in the service of product building

Playing Lean - the game every entrepreneur should play Sitting through lectures on thermodynamics won’t make you feel any closer to flying just as sitting through lectures on startups and Lean won’t let you feel any closer to investing in your idea. If it’s the business emotions and knowledge you’d like to experience firsthand, you [...]

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17 Jan 2019 in  Business
10 best tools for project managers in 2019

What does a project manager do? The job of a project manager, according to Project Management Institute’s “A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge” is to: apply knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. That’s a very wide definition. The responsibilities of a project manager in real [...]

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10 Jan 2019 in  Business
Good design starts with words. Storytelling in UX design

Who tells the stories? Storytelling could be defined simply as the activity of telling stories. That’s what that is, but in fact, it’s not all that simple. Storytelling is a powerful way to appeal to people, to sync with them. Not only is it a way to relate to others, it also actually synchronizes the [...]

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03 Jan 2019 in  Business
Tech trends of 2018 – are they staying with us in 2019?

With 2019 just around the corner, it’s time to sum up this year’s most remarkable tech moments. The year 2018 has brought some noteworthy events, starting with the successful launch of SpaceX’ Falcon heavy rocket, NASA launch of TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite), InSight probe landing on Mars, and a fiasco launch of Facebook Portal. [...]

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27 Dec 2018 in  Business
6 ways to use artificial intelligence in e-commerce

When you already know that artificial intelligence is creeping into every area of business, it’s no surprise that e-commerce can make use of it as well. Many e-commerce businesses are already using AI solutions to better understand their customers, generate new leads, and provide personalized customer experience. The same question comes up every time we [...]

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20 Dec 2018 in  Business