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Junior Front-end Developer. Ambitious, hard-working and eager to broaden his knowledge and to share the knowledge that he already has.

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    First Look at the Simple Ionic Lab Tool
    10 Aug 2016 in Technical

    Hybrid apps are getting more and more important in the tech world. Most users of web applications expect or even demand mobile application from their creators. The main reason for that is the popularity of smartphones and public access to the Internet. Another factor is the time - instead of turning on the PC or laptop, [...]

    Do the magic with GIT
    21 Apr 2016 in Technical

    What is Git? Every programmer should know Git, but for those who don’t, I will introduce it a little bit. Let's assume you have to make some application - you have to improve it all the time and there comes a moment when you realize that you made some huge mistake which destroyed a part of your work. It would be very [...]

    TypeScript – the Missing Part of JavaScript
    07 Apr 2016 in Technical

    The renascence is coming for front-end developers. A great success of Angular pushed the Google team to create another version of this framework. Huge feedback from the community made a big impact on Google’s approach to creating it. Angular 2 was written in TypeScript because of the advantages that come with the types system. It also supports ES5, ES6 [...]