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Front-end Developer. An enthusiastic user of JavaScript, always ready to learn something new.

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    How to deliver IT projects successfully?
    26 Apr 2018 in Business  &  Technical

    It seems to be quite a challenge to deliver IT projects on time, doesn't it? We always work until the last minute. Things break at the most unexpected moment. Sounds like something you already know? Fortunately, completing a project smoothly is much easier than you can imagine. One essential condition is that before the project [...]

    Single-page application vs. multiple-page application
    01 Dec 2016 in Technical

    Web applications are unwittingly replacing the old desktop applications. They are more convenient to use, they are easy to update, and they are not bound to one device. And even though users are gently moving from browser-based web applications into the mobile ones, the demand for complex and refined apps is already huge and is [...]

    How to start working with Protractor and run your first E2E test
    30 Jun 2016 in Technical

    There are countless reasons why AngularJS is so great to work with. One of them is that it was developed with the idea that testing is so important that it should be built into the framework. And one of the most popular tools to test AngularJS apps is Protractor. It was developed by a Google team [...]

    How to Start Working with Selenium IDE
    23 Jun 2016 in Technical

    What is Selenium IDE?   Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a Firefox plugin which makes the testers’ life easier. It was developed by Shinya Kasatani and became a part of Selenium family (IDE, RC, WebDriver, and Grid) in 2006. In a simple way, you can record your actions in a browser and then export them as a reusable script in [...]