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    How to Serve Static Files with Golang?
    13 Oct 2016 in Technical

    Welcome to the next part of the journey with Golang programming language. For those of you who are entirely new to Golang, I advise you to go to the official "Getting started" tutorial, which you can find here, or to my previous post about Golang: An introduction to programming in Golang. There is no doubt that [...]

    An Introduction to Programming in Golang
    28 Jul 2016 in Technical

    Why bother with Golang? Compiled, statically typed language Compilation A compilation is a process where the source code you wrote translates into a lower-level language - the language that can be understood by a machine. Compilation can take long minutes (or even longer), but with Golang it’s different. One of the main design goals of creating GO was [...]

    How to start working with Protractor and run your first E2E test
    30 Jun 2016 in Technical

    There are countless reasons why AngularJS is so great to work with. One of them is that it was developed with the idea that testing is so important that it should be built into the framework. And one of the most popular tools to test AngularJS apps is Protractor. It was developed by a Google team [...]

    How to Start Working with Selenium IDE
    23 Jun 2016 in Technical

    What is Selenium IDE?   Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a Firefox plugin which makes the testers’ life easier. It was developed by Shinya Kasatani and became a part of Selenium family (IDE, RC, WebDriver, and Grid) in 2006. In a simple way, you can record your actions in a browser and then export them as a reusable script in [...]