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Java Tech Lead, API Architect. Guru of Java and software production, Solution / API Architect, writer at Professional in every possible way.

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    Befriend Your Changelog
    14 Sep 2015 in Technical

    If you are tired of manually maintaining your changelog files, the following solution may help you as it helped me. At Neoteric, we have quite a lot of services to maintain. Some time ago, we introduced proper versioning and releasing. That was a great step forward, but we were still missing an important piece. We [...]

    Make Jenkins speak Git Flow
    02 Apr 2015 in Technical

    In Neoteric, we value software craftsmanship as high as making our customers happy with the software we provide. We strive for high code quality. We do that by following the best practices, holding on to sensible test coverage and keeping up with latest technologies. However, not everything is still as good as we want it [...]