Daniel Wegner

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Java developer working in Neoteric since 2011, Minecraft player, retired moderator and host of the /r/ultrahardcore subreddit.

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    What time is it? Challenges of multiple time zone support
    29 Mar 2018 in Technical

    What time is it? It’s a simple question, isn’t it? You just need to take a quick look at the clock (or any device that shows you the time) and you have the answer. Or do you? Let’s take a quick look at this picture. Let’s also assume that it’s currently dark outside and try to answer our [...]

    Block game survival and software development – the hardcore way!
    22 Sep 2016 in People

    How are programmers made? Some of them have always dreamed of becoming one, so they finished proper courses and eventually found their dream jobs. Some didn’t plan on doing that, but eventually got tired of their jobs and decided to pursue this new path. Some… played a video game about breaking and placing blocks. My name [...]