AI Assessment

Want to know if your organization is AI ready? Check it!

If you’re thinking about AI adoption but you’re not sure your organization is ready for it – you’re in the right place. Implementing artificial intelligence can be tricky, so it’s crucial that companies that are about to start with AI start well: with a plan, a strategy, and the right preparation.

Take this short online test and see where you are in the AI readiness spectrum and what steps you should follow to move on with your project.


About the Test

It will help you learn how ready you are for AI adoption

It will show you the areas for improvement

It will help crystallize the idea for your AI project

It will constitute the base for adoption strategy

Meet out team

Greg Gwóźdź, CTO

Greg has been working on AI & big data systems used by Fortune 500 companies for over 10 years. Have you heard about the Target’s case when they predicted that a girl was pregnant before her family even knew about it? That was Greg’s team behind that algorithm. And have you seen how accurately Google and Facebook predict what you’ll like? Well, Greg again.

Greg Gwoźdź Photo
Michał Trojnarski, data scientist

MSc in technical physics with a major in applied computer science. Neoteric’s AI team expert specialized in Python, machine learning, deep learning, and recommender systems. Portfolio built of dynamic pricing models and recommendation systems implemented for major international financial institutions, telecoms, and online retailers.

Michał Trojnarski Photo
Daniel Połoński, data scientist

Data scientist with experience in finance and advanced data analytics. Graduate of Finance and Accounting, having worked for major international financial institutions, he turned to AI and data science. His major projects include partner segmentation models and lead classification models for financial services.

Daniel Płoński Photo
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